Beauty with Acupuncture

I just came cross a Traditional Chinese Medicine photo set from the 8th China International Press Photo Contest. It is interesting to have a glance of how this medicine is applied in China.

The most discussed photo of this set is the one about Breast Enhancement. I actually came cross a book teaching how to do it with acupuncture combine with herbs and Tui-Na (Chinese way of saying massage with treatment effects) during my recent trip to Taiwan. Of course, I got that book because it also talks about many other body enhance treatment method and technique to help with weight lose,  wrinkle reduction, eye bag reduction, smoothing the whole body skin, and etc.

All these are done by bring the body to a more balance state and focus the flow of energy and blood to the area where we want to focus to. I personally believe that this is the most nature and healthy way to bring the beauty out of each person. With acupuncture treatments, the result is not only just the beauty enhancement, but also the whole wellness of the body. I treated few patients who got headache or migraines after botox. Of course, going through surgery or botox is quick and easy because beauty enhancement through acupuncture takes more visits as a section might require 10 to 20 treatments, and some people might need 3 sections to get to the desired result. However, I do believe that with that amount of treatments, many other health issues such as allergy, low energy, sleep disorders, aches and pains, digestive tract issues and etc will also be benefited.

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