Hours and services during COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 guideline and telemedicine

We are still open. However, to prevent the spread of the virus, here are some guidelines that everyone who comes to this office should follow. The clinic hour is still the same, but it is always a good… Read More

Acupuncture booking available on Tuesday at Allston

Thank you for all those who have come to my clinic in Allston for Acupuncture treatment! With the increased patients during the weekdays, I have decided to shift all focus to the Allston location and open the Tuesday… Read More

We now accept Harvard Pilgrim for Acupuncture

After a long process, I am finally part of the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Network! For those who have Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and would like to have acupuncture, give them a call today to find out if… Read More

Medicare and MassHealth for Acupuncture

So, after some testing with the system and actually receiving payment, here is what I have found out if you have both Medicare and MassHealth (Medicaid). People who qualify for Medicare and MassHealth are known as dual eligibles…. Read More

MassHealth and Acupuncture – how to be covered

So, after almost half year of working with MassHealth and different MassHealth subsidized health plans, here is what I have come out with so far. There are two MassHealth subsidized health plans that cover acupuncture done by independent… Read More

Acupuncture and The MIT Traditional Health Plan

For those who work at MIT, here is a good news for you! The MIT Traditional Health Plan has great acupuncture coverage that you only need to pay $10 copay per visit, and you get to go 20… Read More

Acupuncture for Veterans

The local veteran hospital in Boston area has been looking for acupuncturists for at least a few months now. The VA system has their way of doing things for hiring only veterans, so I am going to assume… Read More

Update: MassHealth and Acupuncture

— UPDATE – April 24, 2015: Please see my new post on how to be covered with MassHealth.  — After working with some MassHealth or MassHealth subsidized health insurance clients, here are my findings. Both MassHealth and the… Read More

MassHealth and Acupuncture

— UPDATE – April 24, 2015: Please see my new post on how to be covered with MassHealth.  — Since the beginning of this year, there are some change to the health care rules and regulations. Overall, I… Read More

Now Accepting Cigna for Acupuncture

For those with Cigna as your health insurance, here comes a good news for you. You are covered! I have been working hard to join provider networks for various health insurance company, so far, Cigna provides the best… Read More