Daikon Ginger Juice – home remedy for dry throat in winter

In the previous post, I mentioned that daikon (Chinese radish) is a very good winter food. It tastes good either raw or cook. Here is a quick and tasty juice recipe that can be used as home remedy for dry and irritated throat.

This remedy is only good for symptoms cause by dryness or dry heat at throat and lung area. If you or your love ones is coughing, having fever, or anything more than just dry throat, this remedy is not going to help much other than being a tasty drink with good nutritional value.

Daikon Ginger Juice is a recipe that can help to smooth the dryness in the throat and to bring moisture to the respiratory tract. It is a slightly sweet juice, and it can be served either warm, room temperature, or cold.

Ingredients for 1 serving (about 1 cup):

  • Daikon: 115g or about half cup. Depending on the size of the daikon, this can be about 2 inches or slightly more
  • Ginger: 5g or about half inch of ginger.
  • Rock Sugar: 5 to 30g depending on how sweet you want this drink to be. It also taste good to replace rock sugar with honey, maple syrup or agave nectar.
  • Water: half cup water
    • For those who like to drink it cold, replace half of the water with ice.
    • For those who like to drink it warm, use warm water.

Here are the steps to make this wonderful juice.

  1. Skin the daikon, and chop the skinned daikon into smaller pieces (about half to one inch cubes).
  2. Skin the ginger and dice it as fine as possible.
  3. Add the prepared daikon, ginger, rock suger (or substitute), and water in a blender, and blend them as fine as possible. The finer it is, the better tastes it will be.
  4. Remove the bubbles on the top layer. Then it is good to drink!

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