Beautiful and Healthy Skin Rose Fruit Tea

Summer has arrived and we all want to have that healthy and beautiful skin tone when we are in our summer clothes. By all mean, we want to have healthy and beautiful skin all year long, but it… Read More

Job’s Tears Adzuki Bean Soup – Home Remedy for Dampness

Summer is coming and it has been raining more and more over the past few weeks. During this raining season, dampness is easier to accumulate in our body. If you feel heavy, lack of strength, low appetite, fatigue… Read More

What is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha in Chinese is “刮痧”. Like many Chinese terms, it is a combination of characters, and in this case, it is combination of two characters: “刮” and “痧”. In direct translation, “刮 (Gua)” means “scrape” and “痧… Read More

Beauty with Acupuncture

Facial Enhancement

I just came cross a Traditional Chinese Medicine photo set from the 8th China International Press Photo Contest. It is interesting to have a glance of how this medicine is applied in China. The most discussed photo of… Read More